and welcome to my site! It’s just out of the wrapper, still has that “fresh site smell.”  *sniff sniff* Aaaah.

Now, I wanted to write a bit something here so it wouldn’t be so barren on launch day, but I’m honestly still mulling over what exactly to do with this particular bit of real estate.

Over the past two years, as it became clear that I might actually stand a chance of becoming a full-time freelance comic-making person, I thought I ‘d start working on a website to act as a hub for my professional and creative endeavors. To showcase and promote the books I’m involved with, to keep readers informed on release dates and generally try and bring a bit of order to the hectic and sprawling world of monthly comics production (for my own sake as much as anyone else).

In the time it took me to set this all up (with the help of the fantastically patient Brian Foo) I also became interested in writing a little blog. Now, I there is no shortage of comic book blogs on the internet already, and many have been around for longer than I’ve been in the business, written by more experienced people than myself.

I’d still like to have a go at keeping this blog populated with posts some of you might find of interest, in the hopes of further shedding light into the dark corners of the comic-making process. How I got started, how I kept going, what an editor even does (or at least what I do). I could have Q & A sessions, answering readers’ queries about comics, the industry, talk about nuts & bolts stuff, what it takes to get a book up and running. Both the pie-in-the-sky creative process as well as the cold, hard craft of the assembly line. Maybe I’ll occasionally have a little gush session, where I rave for one comic or another. We’ll see!

My primary purpose for the site was to create order in my comic work and life, to bring all the threads together and keep them from getting tangled. But comics thrive on nothing if not chaos, so this little corner shall remain unbound by purpose or structure and I hope that together we can shape it into something great or terrible (just so long as it’s not boring.)

Many thanks for reading, and until next time.

Cheers all,


P.S: Comment sections are the Devil’s Tubesock and so will be disabled on this site for ever and all time. If you liked, disliked, or have questions, notes or thoughts on anything you read or see here, click over to Contact and drop me a line, why don’tcha?