The Endtimes of Bram & Ben

What would you do if you were caught in the Biblical End Times? When the Apocalypse starts, charming bastard Bram Carlson is raptured into Heaven via a “clerical error.” But once Heaven casts him back to Earth, he’s determined to exploit the end of the world for his own benefit! Now it’s up to his anxious buddy, Ben, to save Bram from himself – and the mounting forces of Armageddon!

Story: James Asmus & Jim Festante Art: Rem Broo

Colors: Daniele Rudoni / Overdrive Studios  Lettering: crank!

Covers: Jim Mahfood, J.A.W.Cooper, Juan Doe, Ben Templesmith, Rem Broo

created by Asmus, Festante & Broo